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Clearance & Sale Items

Great eco-friendly products at a discount.

If you’re shopping on a budget, or just want to try out some sustainable products at a lower price, we’ve got you covered. In our mission to make an environmentally friendly lifestyle more accessible, we recognize the need for a sale every once and a while. We encourage you to take advantage of the discounted prices and try out some new products. They may be sold out the next time you visit.

Hemp Cloth Wipes

A few deals make it easier to support the environment.


Now you can explore and try out more products without worrying about the cost. Our clearance and sale page is here to help you introduce more eco-friendly items into your life, while also allowing us to clear shelf space for new items. Take a look through our selection and find new opportunities to make your home that much more sustainable.


All Natural Products for Bath & Body

Treat yourself while supporting the planet.

There’s no better way to relax than holding onto the thought that you’re helping to support environmentally sustainable practices into your life. Our bath & body products will provide you with the same sense of cleanliness and zen as those you’d find in a department store. The only difference is that our items offer the chance to give back to the Earth.

Bath and body products that soothe the soul.

Shop All Our Products

Every eco-friendly product in-store at the touch of your finger.

 We want to help Canadians experience a zero-waste and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Our store is equipped to introduce you to an all-natural alternative to just about everything in your home. All of our products are vegan, biodegradable, non-toxic, safe and ready to change the way you think about eco-friendly products.

Explore all our products and try something new.

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