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The Scoop on Natural Deodorant

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Surprisingly, sweat is almost odourless, the smell actually comes from bacteria.

Instead of using harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients to combat the bacteria, natural deodorants contain ingredients with disinfectant or antibacterial properties, like coconut oil and tea tree oil. The natural deodorant scents are derived from natural essential oils such as lemongrass or bergamot, and natural deodorants use ingredients like baking soda or arrowroot powder to absorb moisture before it interacts with odour-causing bacteria.

The deodorants at Replenish won't plug sweat glands like aluminum-based antiperspirants do, allowing your body to carry out its natural cooling process while neutralizing odour. All the deodorants we provide are ethically made in Canada, with natural and vegan ingredients. We have listed a selection of our natural deodorants below, some of which are free of baking soda for those people who react to it. Choose from sticks, bars, creams and sprays.



We stock the vegan line in Sexy Sadie (refill available), Cat Lady (refill available) Johnny’s Cash and Lucy in the Sky.

routine was created by two sisters in Calgary. routine contains only clean, wholesome ingredients and is manufactured “with the health of our planet and all of its roommates as priority.” Contains dietary magnesium and a reduced amount of baking soda for added deodorizing.

routine is applied with your clean fingers or a small wooden paddle – you can even apply with the back of a small teaspoon! (Available in-store and online. Refills instore only.)


Bottle None

Bottle None was created by two sisters in Vernon, and their recycled cardboard push-tubes are manufactured locally as well.

These deodorants are made, “with natural ingredients without sacrificing quality”. Available in 3 scents Citrus. Earth, and Blossom (baking soda free).

The Bottle None deodorants are antibacterial with an anti-fungal formula, Zinc, and therapeutic grade essential oil to neutralize even the strongest of odours. ‘Earth’ is the strongest formula, containing Bentonite clay. (Available in-store and online.)


Pit Stop

This natural deodorant is made by Sherri, here in the Okanagan. Available in scented, unscented, sensitive, and charcoal this deodorant is recommended for average to heavy perspiration. Pit Stop deodorant can be applied with clean fingers, or a small wooden paddle. When returned, the glass jars are sterilized and reused – new lids are supplied for sanitary reasons.

“Pit Stop was born from a passionate commitment to reduce the use of chemicals and single-use packaging for the benefit of our own health and that of the planet.”



Attitude deodorant is made in Montreal from natural plant and mineral based ingredients. And this company plants a tree for every product sold!

“Our global sustainable vision is to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – and Reforest to help protect the planet. We want to have a positive impact, while allowing our clients to also be part of the movement.” Attitude deodorant is packaged in a biodegradable push-tube. (Available in-store and online.)


Deodorant Bars

Mandy creates organic deodorant bars in the Okanagan. There is a baking soda free version. You may want to warm the soap bar in your hands for a moment to help with application. The denseness of the bar means it will last a long time.


GROOM Spray Deodorant

Made in Montreal this deodorant has natural active ingredients that neutralize odours at the source. Free of baking soda. To use: spray one to three pumps on clean, dry skin. Purchase by the bottle - refill bottles available.

”Our goal is for GROOM to be a company with a positive environmental impact, and we intend to implement new initiatives as we grow.” (Available in-store and online.)


Carina Organics Spray Body & Foot Deodorant

Formulated with natural, unscented, and non-staining mineral salts that form a layer of natural protection for up to 24 hours from odour causing bacteria. Available as a refill. (Baking soda free.)

“We take great pride in using the highest quality ingredients possible in our formulations. A personal hands-on approach is taken when selecting and harvesting the proper tree essences, herbs, plants, fruits, flowers and vegetables.” All Carina products are manufactured by hand on the North Shore of Vancouver.

We hope that this deep-dive into natural deodorants has been helpful. And as ever we are here to answer any questions you might have. You can browse and order our low and zero waste products online. Use code LOCALS to avoid being charged for delivery if you are able to pick up. Free local delivery on orders over $40.



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