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Laundry day just got a little easier with the reusable, shatter-resistant detergent bottle. The long-lasting silicone sleeve protects the glass and enhances your grip, plus the innovative cap measures up to three different detergent amounts. With a sleek design and matte finish, this bottle looks almost as good as your clean clothes. Simply fill with Cleancult's Liquid detergent and experience laundry day in a whole new way.

Cleancult Glass Laundry Bottle - 20oz


    • Shatter resistant and are equipped with a silicone non slip grip
    • Equipped with a built in measuring cup and spout, this container is suitable for use with laundry detergents and liquid fabric softeners
    • Made from thick, lead- free glass, a BPA-Free plastic pump, silicone sleeve, and a recyclable FSC Certified paper band
    • Dishwasher safe
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