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Make all your dishes shine with the Myni concentrated dishwasher detergent tablets. It’s an ecological, zero-waste solution to remove stubborn stains from your dishes!


How to use/Instructions

Handle dishwasher detergent tablets with dry hands only. Place one (1) tablet in your dishwasher’s detergent compartment, or if it's too small, in the utensil basket. Close the main cup immediately after placing the tablet. Keep the box tightly closed and in a dry place. 


For an even brighter wash, add white vinegar to the rinse agent compartment. 

Dishwasher Tabs from Myni

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    Sodium carbonate, sodium citrate, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate peroxide, aqua, lauryl/myristyl glucoside (and) sodium sulfate (and) sodium coco-sulfate, sodium metasilicate, enzymes, citric acid


    Irritant, toxic and corrosive. May irritate skin and eyes. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

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