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Summerland Sunday Market

Updated: 5 days ago

A goat in Summerland outside the Replenish Refillery
A Summerland Highlight!

It is not unusual to see Summerland resident Greg K. passing by with his amazingly well-trained mini fainting goats. As you can imagine, they attract a lot of attention!

The Rotary Summerland Sunday Market has started up again for the season, so of course we now open on Sundays so we can get to join in the fun. We have a table outside highlighting our services, such as clothing swaps, worm-farm workshops, and the industrial compost bin that can be used by Summerland residents.

A flyer for the Summerland Sunday Market

The Market will be running until October 13th. Replenish Refillery will be open 9:00am - 2:00pm on those Sundays.

The fun of market day; strolling the stalls, filling your bags with produce, baked goods and handcrafted finds, leads perfectly into checking out the sustainable options at Replenish Refillery & Zero Waste Store. Afterall, there's a reason there's a #SustainableSummerland hashtag.

Okay - we created the hashtag - but sustainability really is making a come-back!

You'll be glad to know that at Replenish, we witness firsthand how shoppers are prioritizing reusable containers, local produce, and zero-waste solutions.

If you are in the Summerland area, do come and check out the markets (we have a Tuesday Farmer's Market too) and call into Replenish Refillery & Zero Waste Store and say hi. We will be happy to answer any questions about eco-friendly living, and to let you know all about our fabulous Summerland stores and businesses.

We are at 9921 Main Street Summerland, right next to the Bees Knees Yarn Shop. Yes - it's a great as it sounds!


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