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Life UNpacked has done it again, coming out with a new and innovative way to eliminate two pieces of plastic from your life. Bamboo electric toothbrush replacement heads! Made with a bamboo handle, castor oil bioplastic bristles, and a biodegradable corn starch hole plug.


"We elimate plastic." - Life UNpacked


These powerful low-plastic bamboo toothbrush heads help everyone eliminate plastic, and get your whole family using eco-friendly toothbrushes before bed.

Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Heads - 2pk


    Typical Life Span: 6-8 months

    When it’s time to retire your toothbrush head, remove the replaceable head, and cut or pull out the bristles and throw them away. Don't forget to remove the tiny piece of bioplastic inside the head. (made of biodegradable corn starch)


    Head: Bamboo *

    Bristles: Nylon**

    *The head contains a tiny piece of bioplastic (made of biodegradable corn starch) that allows for secure brushing. Remove with plyers before composting the head. 
    **There is presently no option for biodegradable bristles, however, the bristles are BPA-free meaning they won't leach toxins.

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