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Witch Hazel is a fantastic natural astringent (it can tighten up body tissues), which makes it a great skin toner (particularly when no alcohol's been added as a preservative, as in this case). It also has mild "styptic" properties (it can help stop bleeding), which is why it's often used as (or as a key ingredient of) an aftershave lotion, to reduce nicks, razor burn, and swelling. It is quite soothing, and so can be used for many skin irritations such as minor cuts or abrasions, scalding or burns, insect bites, or inflamed veins. And because it's so gentle, many also use it as a skin cleanser or makeup remover, especially for oily or problem skin, or around sensitive areas like the eyes.

Witch Hazel

100 Grams

    100% Pure Witch Hazel, with no synthetic adulterating agents.

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