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Not just a dishwashing bar!  It also shine your glass stovetop like you wouldn't believe.  Will it leave your sink sparkling? Indeed! Can you use it in conjunction with a scrubber on your toughest greasy areas? Yes! 


You can also use this multi-purpose bar is on laundry stains. Simply pre-moisten your fabric, then rub directly with the bar. Let sit at least a few minutes before laundering normally. Check the stain before placing in the dryer and repeat treatment if needed. 

All of this in one handmade, waste-free bar that will last you longer than you would expect. 


  • DISHES: Use a wet cloth, sponge, or scrubber to rub on your soap bar and work up suds. Wash dishes and rinse well.
  • HOME CLEANING: Clean sinks, countertops, stovetops, oven doors and more! Rub your soap bar with a scrubber or cloth and work up a lather. Scrub all your tough to clean spots and wipe clean.
  • LAUNDRY STAIN REMOVAL: Wet garment well. Rub stain directly with bar. Let sit minimum 15 minutes before laundering as usual.

re:fresh Kitchen Soap Bar/Laundry Soap Bar


    (organic / non-organic)
    Aqua, Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil), Citrus limon (lemon), Litsea cubeba (May Chang)

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