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Do you love produce bags as much as we do? If so, there is a solution for you! Plantish has manufactured muslin and mesh produce bags made from bamboo for your everyday needs! Each bag comes pre-weighed with a tare included on the tag for ease of refilling in the future. 


As a multipurpose and eco-friendly storage solution, these bags can store all the fresh groceries you can imagine - fruits, veggies, seeds & grains, even baked goods!


Using the mesh bags can ensure the effectiveness of washes and also protect delicate items that could be otherwise damaged during the washing process; however, the muslin bags are perfect for carrying finer ingredients. 


Waiting to hear the icing on the cake? After you have used the produce bag to the full extent of it's life, you can remove the metal clasp and toss it right into the compost! Feel free to compost at home, or utilize our free composting services. 

Reusable Produce Bags from Plantish.

PriceFrom C$4.99
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