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More than 16 Billion disposable coffee cups end up in our landfills yearly. 

That daily coffee run adds up!


Switch to these reusable bamboo fibre cups for your caffeine and tea routine.

Perfect for your favourite cold and hot beverages. These make amazing gifts for coffee addicts!


Important Stuff: Dishwasher safe || Food Safe || Don't put me in the microwave!


Tea and coffee contain natural tannins; they may stain your cup. To help remove the stains; try gently powdering baking soda over the wet cup stains. Wait 20-30 minutes, gently wash and repeat as needed. 


Size : 16 oz  (compares to Starbucks' Grande and Tim Horton's Large)

"The Future Is Bamboo" Fiber Cup



    • High quality bamboo fiber coffee mug
    • Reusable - Eco-conscious - Durable
    • Recyclable + antimicrobial silicone lid and sleeve
    • Keeps your drink warm longer 
    • PETA Certified Vegan + Cruelty Free 
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