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Sustainability Awards in Canada

Updated: 5 days ago

A graphic celebrating Okanagan  environmental  wards

Concern for the environment is not new.

Since the 1940s, sustainability laws and initiatives have significantly evolved, driven by increasing awareness of environmental issues. Initially focused on pollution control and conservation, these measures expanded in the 1970s with landmark legislation like the U.S. Clean Air Act and the establishment of environmental agencies worldwide. The 1990s saw a shift towards sustainable development, influenced by global agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol. In recent decades, there has been a surge in comprehensive policies targeting climate change, renewable energy, and zero waste practices, reflecting a growing commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable growth.

Recognizing Eco-Friendly Businesses

Sustainability awards play a crucial role in advancing environmental progress by recognizing and celebrating the achievements of individuals, businesses, and organizations committed to sustainable practices.

Sustainability awards look at how companies handle their environmental impact, social responsibility, and economic performance. Winning one of these awards means you're a leader in green business practices. However, these awards are more than just a badge of honour—they can boost a company’s reputation and attract customers and investors who care about sustainability. Winning shows a company’s strong commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Examples of National and Institutional Awards
  • Green Municipal Fund The GMF is designed to help Canadian municipalities lead the way to achieving Canada’s climate change and sustainability targets.

  • CAGBC Awards The Canada Green Building Council Awards competition recognizes members contributing to the advancement of green building in Canada.

  • The Indigenous Zero Waste Technical Advisory Group (IZWTAG) is an Indigenous organization assisting First Nations in British Columbia with implementing zero waste programs.

  • The Clean50 Awards highlight leaders from various sectors, including small businesses, who have made significant contributions to sustainability and clean capitalism in Canada.

Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Awards

Explore your local Chamber of Commerce's website to discover the environmental and sustainability awards they highlight.

Other Opportunities

Replenish Refillery & Zero Waste Store has won several awards through Penticton Now, an Okanagan online news outlet. They cover various topics relevant to the community, including news, events, and features like the "Best of Penticton" awards. Our store is in Summerland, just a 15-minute drive from Penticton, but luckily, the nominations are open to a relatively wide area. Check online to see if there are similar opportunities for you and your business or organization

At Replenish, we believe that sustainability awards inspire other businesses to follow suit. They lead to more innovation and sustainable practices across all industries. We’re excited to see how this movement continues to grow and evolve, making a positive impact on our communities and planet.

Join us in celebrating this shift towards sustainability and let’s continue to champion eco-friendly practices together. The future is green, and we’re proud to be part of it!

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