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Why Sustainability Awards Matter

Updated: 5 days ago

A graphic representing sustainability awards in Canada

At Replenish we’re thrilled to see sustainability getting the recognition it deserves. We are moving away from the days when businesses only cared about profits and ignored the environmental impact of their actions.

Today, there is a big shift towards sustainability, and companies are starting to prioritize the planet just as much as profit. Sustainability Awards highlight businesses that are leading the way in eco-friendly practices, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

A New Award Category

A further sign of the recognition of the importance of an eco-friendly society is that refilleries and zero waste stores now have their own named category in many award competitions. One of these is the Best of Penticton Awards in the South Okanagan. Replenish Refillery received the Silver Award in the Zero Waste Store category in 2023, and the Gold Award in the same category in 2024. As delighted as we are to have our customers vote for us, what really prompts our happy dance is that such a category exists!

What started as a quiet hope for sustainability has become a loud movement. This shift signifies a complete change in corporate priorities, where the planet matters as much as profit. We’re proud to be part of this green revolution and to see others join in too.

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