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Eco-friendly Laundry

Wear your sustainably fresh choices.

Non-environmentally friendly washing machines use 3x more water than eco-consciously designed machines. That is nearly 30 gallons of water! The unused water, that has now been contaminated with chemicals (known as wastewater), is put back into our ecosystem where it does harmful damage. There are a variety of steps you can take to address this problem but we recommend starting with our environmentally friendly laundry products (it’s less expensive than buying a new machine). Dryer or washing machine, the planet will thank you.

Tru Earth Laundry Strips

Laundry strips and Tru Earth products that are sure to remove a mark.


Bring zero-waste into your home by introducing our eco-friendly laundry products to wash your clothes. Our hand-picked selection of detergents, strips, bars, and dryer sheets are sure to leave your laundry smelling fresh and feeling clean. You’ll wonder why you ever used cleaners with harmful chemicals in the first place.

etee Laundry Stain bar multiples.jpg

All-natural Cleaners

Cleaning never felt so fulfilling.

Our selection of all-natural cleaners provides the same level of cleanliness as the traditional chemical brands. The big difference is that our products are safe for your skin, home and, most importantly, our environment. This means you don’t need to worry about cleaner getting left on a dish or someone accidentally getting it on them. So, if the results are the same and there are benefits to gain, why not choose the one that encourages an eco-friendly outlook?

Find a better choice of cleaner.

Natural Bath & Body Products

For your mind, body, soul and bath.


Whether you’re getting ready for the day, or settling into a relaxing evening, the products we use for our bath and body offer us a chance to connect with ourselves. What better way to elevate those moments of quiet reflection and preparation than to know that all of the products you’re using are environmentally friendly? We know it makes our routines all the sweeter. Why not give it a try?

Treat yourself to some all-natural indulgences.

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