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Natural Cleaners

All of the cleanliness, none of the chemicals.

Replenish Refillery is stocked up with a selection of household cleaners that are sure to remove pesky stains, clean smudged windows, wash yesterday’s dishes or scrub the floors spotless. Natural cleaners are just as effective as the harmful chemical alternatives, and they’re safer for the environment. You can help promote a sustainable future by introducing eco-friendly cleaners into your home.

Nature clean laundry strips

An environmentally conscious clean for the home.


The only difference between our natural cleaners and the harmful chemical alternatives is that our products are safe for your skin, home and, most importantly, our environment. If you’ve ever been curious about trying out environmentally friendly products, our cleaners are a great place to start. You can find satisfaction in cleaning your home knowing that you’re supporting a cleaner lifestyle.

Zero waste sponges

Zero-waste House & Home Products

Stock up your eco-friendly home.

If you’re in the market for cleaning tools, travel mugs, scourers, soap dishes and more, look no further. Check out our zero-waste house and home products to discover the wealth of beautiful and practical options to help you reduce your environmental impact. As we continue to promote the health of our planet, ensuring that our homes are equipped for the job is necessary. Besides, we could all use a travel bag on hand for those impromptu grocery runs.

Fill your home with our eco-friendly products.

Eco-friendly Laundry Solutions

Protect the planet, one shirt at a time.

You might not know this, but washing machines use a ton of water and a lot of that is wasted on laundry loads that aren’t measured properly. This means that water filled with harmful chemicals (known as wastewater) is being put back into our ecosystem and it wasn’t even used to clean our clothes! You can help reduce these harmful practices by taking advantage of our environmentally friendly laundry products. Dryer or washing machine, the planet will thank you.

Find a cleaner clean for your clothes.

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