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You can have your cake and wear it too!


Yes, More Than Lips make the rules here. Made with 100% pure, organic, grade A vanilla essential oil, their Birthday Cake lip balm is a my-birthday-wish-came-true product. The cherry on the cake? It’s vegan, gluten-free, and yet, YUM. Whether you’re a fan of birthdays or not, we are sure you can’t keep your hands off a Birthday Cake. So, this easy-to-carry lip balm flavor can satiate your sweet tooth in a second while also keeping your lips hydrated, nourished, and young!


Handmade and handpoured in Toronto, Ontario

More Than Lips Lipbalm


    Coconut Oil, Candelila Wax, Shea Butter, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Essential Oils, and Love


    • 100% pure Candelilla wax derived from Mexico.
    • Organic Coconut oil derived from the Philippines.
    • Organic, 100% fair trade Shea Butter derived from Ghana.
    • Red Raspberry Seed Oil, natural sun protection.
    • Flavoured with a hint of organic essential oil.
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