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The Plantish bamboo kitchen cloth is perfect for washing dishes, mopping up spills, wiping down surfaces (dust and grease), or to use as a tea towel. 

Compared to cotton, the bamboo cloth is lint-free, anti-bacterial, oil-resistant, more absorbent, and dries faster.



  • wash in cold water before first use 
  • some shrinkage might occur after first wash 
  • replace it after one-month usage or when it starts to stink (depending on frequency of usage) 

Care Tips

  • due to 100% bamboo made, hand wash preferred to improve durability
  • put in mesh bag to cold machine wash and tumble dry on low temperature
  • avoid bleaching
  • avoid using on high-temperature surfaces such as ovens and stoves before cooling down


Cut into small pieces before composting to avoid getting caught in the compost machine. 

Bamboo Kitchen Cloth from Plantish - Set of 3


    • bamboo-based: bamboo is a more sustainable plant that uses 1/3 less water than cotton to grow, self-replenish, more absorbent and breathable
    • square texture: effective at wiping off dust, burned crust on the stove
    • soft and scratch-free: do not scratch hence safe to use on all surfaces
    • 100% compostable 
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